PAMAX Series

Active Power Filter

The New Generation of PAMax Active Power Filter by PQ TEAM is the new power electronic equipment to dynamically suppress power harmonics, dynamically compensate reactive power and correct unbalanced 3 phases. The equipment can conduct real-time tracking compensation to harmonics whose content and frequency are changing, and can conduct real-time tracking compensation to quickly changing reactive power and unbalanced 3 phases. Thus it can improve power quality, enhance effectiveness of power supply equipment, and reduce the efficiency of electric loss. The main technological performance of the equipment has met international advanced standards, which makes it the best choice for comprehensive treatment equipment of power quality problems of power harmonics, reactive power fluctuation and unbalanced 3 phases.

Active Power Filter (Rack Type)

PAMax-R active power filter was designed for internet data center (IDC). It adopted 19inch standard rack having advantages of small size, light weight, safe and reliable.
PAMax-R active power filter was designed and manufactured according to industrial product standards. It can meet the various commercial and industrial applications. This product collects harmonic filtering, reactive power compensation and three-phase imbalance correction in one b body. It is an ideal choice for the power quality control.