PFMAX Series

Dynamic Power Factor with Magnetic Contractor

PFMax-N Series is the dynamic harmonic eliminated reactive power compensation equipment consists of detection unit, main control unit, switch execution unit and tuning capacitor banks (including reactors), man-machine interface and other parts. Detection unit real-time detects system instantaneous voltage and current through voltage, current sensor, and real-time calculate system required reactive power, harmonic components, rms voltage and current, main control unit will complete logical judgment and send corresponding control order, to control switch execution unit to switch tuning capacitor banks, thus realize dynamic tracking compensation of load reactive power.
Dynamic Power Factor with SCR Switching

PFMax-V Series is the dynamic reactive power compensator for dynamic harmonic elimination, adopting microprocessor control, thyristor switched tuning capacitor-TSC. It is the renewal product of reactive-load compensation equipment. The product uses real-time detection of reactive power microprocessor, thyristor zero fast switching transition, restraining harmonic current and other advanced technologies, so the product can thus be used in various complex industrial field environments. It can conduct accurate, rapid, not transiently disturbed dynamic reactive power compensation, effectively enhance power factors of various electric equipment, enhance output of power equipment, improve user power quality, decrease line loss, and attain the goals of energy saving and cost reducing.
Dynamic Power Factor with Vacuum Circuit Breaker

PFMax-MV Series voltage reactive power compensation device, is suitable for substation, distribution station of 220kV and below or three phase AC electric system without main transformer of 35kV and below, through the automatic regulation of transformer on-load voltage regulating tap and switch of capacitor bank on bus to realize the control to substation voltage and reactive power.