Improve power quality and increase efficiency for sugar mill industry.

"PQMax" low voltage reactive power generator is a new device that organically combined by thyristor switched capacitor (TSC) and active reactive power generator (SVG), it can fast, continuously and smoothly adjust reactive power in the electric system.

Advance technology for high performance.

Zero Voltage Switching - Thyristor Controlled Switch (ZVS-TCS) Technology : With Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and the high accuracy detection & analysis circuit, PQMax adopts zero transitional course tuning capacitor switching technology, which can completely eliminate transient flow and disturbance when capacitor bank switches, enhance greatly the tracing speed of compensating equipment, enhance the reliability of capacitors and fling-cut switches, and extend their service life.


Switching waveform's general system

Switching waveform's PQMax

Total kVar rating switching : PQMax controller uses instantaneous reactive power theory to real-time calculation reactive power the system needs. Meanwhile it also adopts solid electronic switches to switch tuning/detuning capacitor bank during zero-transitional course, which means it can avoid surge current caused when traditional contractor switches capacitor, and it also can switch all needed capacitor banks within 20ms.

Speed and kvar compensate of general system

Speed and kvar compensate of PQMax

Real-time linearity reactive power compensation : The main controller, dynamic reactive power compensation controller, will detect the reactive power required by system, then issue order to TSC branch to fast switch capacitor, meanwhile issue order to active reactive power generator SVG. Based on received reactive power order, SVG controller will control own inverter to product required reactive power. TSC branch realized coarse tuning of big capacity, while SVG realized fine tuning of small capacity.

Real time linearity kvar compensation

Automatic compensate unit scanning : PQMax uses specific scan mode to protect capacitors. When the need for compensation capacity decreases, the capacitor bank that keeps on working for the longest time would be turned off first. When the need for compensation capacity increases, the capacitor bank that is not put into use for the longest time would be used first. When the need for compensation capacity keeps unchanged for a long time, electronic switches conduct alternate operation continually, according to the set intervals; switches will switch off one capacitor bank at the same time it switches on another one, thus to keep the total compensation capacity unchanged.

scanning/switching/everage kvar compensation

Intelligent harmonics and reactive power compensate management : PQMax manage and solving the many kind of power quality problems with ZVS-TCS Detuned filter, Static Var Generator and Active Power Filter.

Lagging kvar & Harmonic

kvar solved only

kvar and harmonic solved